Teak Luxuries Collection

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough.

Our Story - Teak Luxuruies

When it comes to creating the right atmosphere and style in Your apartment, we all have different dreams. The first step towards Making them come true is finding the right inspiration. Our Store and products will take you on a guided journey with their own unique story to tell. Maybe you will feel at home in one of them, maybe you will Fall in love several times. The things you will meet on your way have been handpicked or Designed with attention to detail and Quality that characterizes the true values of SINGHE FURNITURE. Welcome to TEAK LUXURIES that brings you apartment furniture that could be your one stop solution.

We Create Style - Teak Luxuries

No matter your square footage, our right-fit pieces update your living space with big impact and a touch of class. We welcome you to our newest Apartment Furniture Store which gives you endless options to decorate your apartment in quick time. Be-spoke or Off-the shelf, we have got plenty to offer for your space. “Teak Luxuries” where you find, “Good Things in Life"